The G&G boys

Gonzalez & Granderson have had an exceptional 2011 season

This is a story I’ve wanted to write for a while now, about the history that is currently going down in the AL East Division of the MLB. The Yankees and Red Sox are, suddenly, not in the comfortable playoff spots they thought they were in about a month ago. The Red Sox have Tampa on their heels and the Yankees aren’t too far ahead of the Sox. It’s easy to forget these kinds of things as September rolls around, and baseball seems played out for a month, until teams start to get eliminated. What I hope all you Yankees and Red Sox fans have been seeing this season is the exceptional offensive performance that the Curtis Granderson and Adrian Gonzalez have been putting on all summer, through their first 144 games of the season.

These guys have been pushing it on all cylinders, and it shows. Gonzo is basically going gonzo, hitting .340/.407/.962 with 25HR and 109RBI, anchoring the Sox team that has kept pace with the Yankees, a pace that only the Phillies could compete with. He’s also got 102 runs scored, so you know that when he gets on base at that .407 clip, he’s coming all the way around. That, along with Gold Glove-caliber defense (If Mark Teixeira were in the NL he’d have it locked up) has made Gonzo the biggest force to enter the AL East this year.

The only reason, though, is because Curtis Granderson was acquired for last season. The Grandy Man is having a historic season, batting .268/.369/.933. Those are some staggering numbers for a .268 hitter, and I haven’t even touched on his 39HR, 111RBI and 128 runs scored. Translated: of the 144 games Curtis has played, he’s a factor in almost all of them. The guy has been everywhere, hitting homers and driving in big runs. He, as well as Adrian Gonzalez, is a Gold Glove center fielder, and has the range and athleticism to stay among the best well into this 30s.

It’s been 50 years since the M&M boys turned the American League on its head with nothing short of a LASER SHOW. This year, the G&G boys, despite being on rival teams, are doing the same thing. The two MVP candidates (among a ton of amazing ballplayers in the AL) have been a driving force among other forces on their clubs (Cano and Tex behind Granderson, Ellsbury and the reborn hitter that is David Ortiz batting around Gonzalez) toward the most exciting two teams in baseball, because lets face it, the Phillies are no fun to watch.

I hope that this time next year I can be laughing at these guys numbers in the face of Lucas Duda’s breakout MVP season in 2012. For now though, the Mets can’t make the playoffs, lost again to the Nats, and Santana is done for the year (before he could even get started). So let me just enjoy some great hitters, and maybe squeeze the last little drama out of this MLB season.

Until October, of course.


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  1. Brian Canell says:

    The crazy thing is that these two guys, as amazing as they have been this season, might even finish 3rd and 4th in the voting. Justin Verlander is 23-5 with a league leading 238 Ks and also a league leading 2.36 ERA for the AL Central winning Tigers. Jose Bautista, although his team is out of contention is putting up monster numbers: .304/.447/.625/1.072. Thats a league leading OBP, SLG and OPS. He has also hit a modest 42 HR, also league leading, while driving in 100 runs.

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