College Football is killing the Syracuse-UConn Rivalry

Big East Tournament Scoreboard

This is just one of the moments that will become memories as Syracuse and Pitt leave the Big East

unless UConn flees the Big East as well.

If you haven’t heard yet, Syracuse University and the University of Pittsburgh will be ending their relationships with the Big East, signing on to join the far away land of the ACC. As this news broke, sources also confirmed that all ACC schools has recently agreed to raise their fee to leave the conference to nearly $20M, in the process making a stand, like getting together and yelling “WE ARE THE ACC!” at a section of visiting team fans.

(side note, I just wrote, ‘supporters’ instead of fans, and then changed it. But supporters is a great way to describe that. /nerdrant)

Anyway, the addition of these two schools make a lot of things different. First off, Pitt will be the first team to not be anywhere near the coast, which is just ridiculous. They are making the statement that adding a team like Texas is not ridiculous, even though its pretty damn far from the east coast.

And don’t tell me Philadelphia touches the Atlantic, because it doesn’t. It’s close, but it doesn’t. Texas has a better chance since they actually have a coast, and its not facing west.

But really, what matters is the rivalries, and the new strength of the Big East and ACC’s conference schedules. In basketball. Because of a college football reshuffling. I think this is what I have the hardest time with. This is all about basketball.

Syracuse isn’t bringing anything to the table on the football field for now, and Pitt has never been a major contender. They’ve been doing about the same as Va. Tech has been, which really hasn’t been good enough. But this really affects the college basketball landscape. Playing in the Big East, though you have a ton of talent all over the place, you take away two amazing basketball programs, both of which have represented a tough test in the Big East schedule. This obviously makes the ACC better, but the effects are pretty marginal.

Syracuse terminates its participation in the Big East Tournament, where they tend to play their best ball. A lot of memories will be left behind as Syracuse bolts for the brighter lights of the Greensboro Coliseum. Pitt will have to play their Backyard Brawl with West Virginia in non-conference games, which the Terps can tell you, is no fun.

This could lead to further improvements to the ACC, they could commit two more universities to get to 16, which is a better number for scheduling than 14, and really the biggest number you can legitimately have. They could add UConn and Rutgers. They could move the ACC Tournament out of the worlds world arena, the Greensboro Coliseum, and they could upgrade their TV broadcast off of the worst network ever, Raycom.

I’m excited to see the ACC stay strong because I didn’t know if it would survive this conference reshuffling. I’m happy we’re bringing in more competition instead of dead weight, but I’m hoping the Big East doesn’t collapse, and you have to see Nova in the Big 10(13?) or something. Nothing changes for two years, so enjoy the normal college football season, and the coming college basketball season, because normal is about to change.


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