Sunday Power Rankings

Torrey Smith wants to become a household name

Today is Monday, and it’s time for the Week 3 (and first ever) Sunday Power Rankings. Rankings are a mixture of what was the best product coming out of this week, and what games have an impact on the future.

I was all over the place Saturday, so no Saturday Power Rankings, as I didnt get a chance to see anything to rank, except Maryland-Temple, and i’ll just give that one to

1. Temple.

and away we go…….

1.Bills 34-31 Patriots

The Bills are 3-0, and not for lack of effort by the opposition. The offense, like most in the NFL right now, is firing fast and far against defenses that might not have had enough time to prepare their schemes during a lockout. I say that because I have no idea why #s are so inflated (# sign is for number, not hashtag).

But Buffalo now finds themselves in a similar situation to the 2-1 Pats and Jets, who have 13 games to get to a safe # of wins. People are becoming “Billeivers” and talking about Fitz Magic. They aren’t shutting anyone down; that’s not their game. They are ready to come out against anyone and score 40 points. They arent winning these games scoring 14, even 20 points. But Buffalo, at least for now, is ready to compete within the AFC East.

This doesn’t take anything away from New England, but you already know that this doesn’t make them a bad team. The Pats delivered the most exciting game for the second week in a row, and are poised to have a great season. Thats why this game is #1, because both of these teams played well and are poised to keep playing well.

2. Breaking Bad (NO SPOILERS)

Remember this guy? So innocent....

I just finished it, and wow! There was some awesome stuff this Sunday, but this was just crazy. Breaking bad has never been a show to hold back on anything. It’s provided a ton of action this season, and is promising and delivering more suspense than we can even handle. It shouldn’t really be a problem for Walter White though.

3. Torrey Smith

Torrey just showed the world what students are doing at the University of Maryland. He wasn’t doing some crazy outrageous things; he ran those routes every week in college. His game is to burn CBs and score TDs, and he did that fast this week, about 4 hours after earning his first start. I think he could be a sick matchup against the Jets (read: Cromartie) next week, and though it might be tough to match his debut, he could certainly keep playing his game.

4. Giants 29-16 Eagles

This Sunday was so good that this is #4. Mike Vick hurt his hand and might be out a few weeks, which is nothing surprising, since we all said it would happen. It went downhill from there, with the Giants making a lot of plays and combining with Mike Kafka’s concept of making a play. I dont think this ‘Dream Team’ thing works without everyone healthy. #SorryVinceYoung (# stands for hashtag here).

But the Giants looked good; Eli looked pretty good, made some great throws to Victor Cruz, which is nothing new if you think about it. The team is getting closer to the way they truly want to operate, like a class organization. They aren’t trying to use injuries as an excuse and are just trying to win. So this is a good, if not opportunistic, win for them.

5. Red Sox 7-4 Yankees

The first game of this doubleheader will not get on the list, because it was ho hum, especially this month. The Sox are reeling, and the Yankees don’t have a hard time winning at home. But to take this game to near midnight after a 6:30PM start is ridiculous for the second game of a doubleheader. It was on as long, if not a little longer than the Sunday Night Football game that started at 8:30. But it was exciting and exhausts these two teams going into their final series’, which are the only two series that actually matter in the AL.

6. Steelers 23-20 Colts

The Colts did a lot for their season by hanging tough with a good team in prime time. This may not have much to do with anything by Week 8, but it’s never good to have just miserable games through your first 3 or 4 weeks, and this is at least a little relieving. The Steelers need to get back to practice and try to become a better team, because they need to step it up if they want to be where they expect to be.

Either way, this was an exciting game that went down to the wire, and it was exciting almost the whole way through. That was the theme for the NFL this week: each of the 1:00PM games were separated by 7pts or less with <5 minutes left.

7. Jets 24-34 Raiders

The big story coming from this is about the Jets D giving up big points to Oakland, and should have won the game. This is the kind of season that Jets consistently deliver; they lose games they shouldn’t and make their fans sweat all game. They have won a lot more recently, but the game is the same. A nice win for Oakland, and puts them in a good position to try and compete with the Chargers over the next few weeks.

Honorable Mentions: Texans 33-40 Saints / Packers 27-17 Bears /Falcons 13-16 Buccaneers get mentions because I didn’t see them, but they seemed pretty good. Big moves were made by Brees and Rodgers and good teams get good wins.

199. Lions 26-23 Vikings (OT)

This was the biggest disaster I’ve seen from one of my favorite teams in a long time. The warning signs were there, and they were ignored. Donovan McNabb has played this way for like 15 games now between Washington and Minnesota. He continues to show an inability to throw for less than 13 yds at a time, and cannot move a team down the field, even with Adrian Peterson in the backfield. The Ponder era is near, but how close will just measure the misery.

Jared Allen gets major points though. On one drive, he drew 2 false starts, got a sack and a tackle for a loss, as the Lions snapped the ball on their own 2. He did everything he could to put this game away, but it wasn’t to be, and we’ve lost another game on an OT field goal.



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I think thats it for Sunday. I’ll put up a few more posts from the weekend about great food in College Park, and other things. Thanks for reading, buddy.


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