The Best Season Finale of the Year

The award is going to WEEDS this year, at least in my book, and its my feeling that WEEDS deserves some sort of recognition for the product it has been for the last six years.

WEEDS is a prime example of a show that went too long. The first three seasons of WEEDS was something akin to the first season of HEROES; it was a work of art, contained into a finite period of time, and ended with a bang. The story of the mother who turned to drug dealing to support the family-gone-wrong, that ends the way it did (I wont say it because if you haven’t seen the show, it really makes the first three seasons feel worth all the watching), is just such a fantastic social commentary, full of humor and real life/family drama focusing on this fake (in more than one way) town of Agrestic. The town itself is a time-bomb of sorts, and goes the way of Nancy Botwin.

The first three seasons end, and the show goes through a rehash….or so you’d think. Rather than a rehash, the show just begins to constantly redefine itself. The family moves away from Agrestic, and begins what has been a four season long journey across America, looking for peace. The journey took this season of the show to New York City, where a released-from-prison Nancy tries to get back on her feet. The season was full of twists and turns that the show has become known for (and many people have grown tired of), but that is of less consequence here.

The season finale leads the family, including Nancy’s bitch of a sister, Jill, and her family, to Connecticut, where they are ready to live happily ever after, safe from those who want Nancy dead, and retired to a simpler life. This looks good for the 2-3 minutes of peace before the episode ends with an image of crosshairs focused on Nancy, a cut to black, and a gunshot.

Now, in the aftermath, nobody knows if the show is even coming back.

There is the obvious cliffhanger that The Simpson’s made famous: ‘Who Shot Nancy Botwin?’ built into this offseason. It has not been confirmed that there will be a season 8, and many people are saying good riddance if that’s true. Matt Richenthal of opens his season final review with an observation, “The show has lost all direction and should not return next summer.”. However, the entire vision of the season is changed if the show does not return.

A return would mean more twists and turns, more dumb plot lines and more unnecessary characters, all involved in the big mystery of who shot Nancy. For all we know, Nancy is dead and all thats left is the funeral arrangements. She tends to have a resilient personality, so if anyone can survive a gunshot to the head, its Nancy Botwin. But an abrupt end to the series, without any real warning? That would be just genius.

The show has been getting stale for a few years now, and people have been vocal about it. The show’s creator, Jenji Kohan, seems like a very receptive person, and has probably heard these criticisms. So for her to end the show without telling anyone to tune in for a series finale would be very ‘Weeds-ish’ of her; always throwing the audience off.

The buzz coming off the finale was incredible, and has people talking about whether WEEDS is coming back. It certainly had the best ending of any show so far this year; it was unexpected, dramatic and well executed. It doesn’t really matter if the show returns for an eighth season (though the irony of WEEDS failing to reach its eighth season would be funny), the show will have ended well after a few floundering years if it is gone forever, and it will still deliver that product that kept viewers tuning in during those off years if it returns. It’s hard to argue that those off years make the show a failure, especially when you consider how high the high points of the series were (that was not irony, just coincidence).

Announcement: If you haven’t read, I posted an update on my life here. I will be devoting a lot more time to photography, writing/blogging and FIFA, in addition to the usual job-hunting/hustling, in the near future. So watch this space, especially if I can really get this little project I am working on off the ground.

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