Food Review #1: Rich’s

I took a trip to College Park, MD this past weekend for homecoming, and had my favorite meal in town, a gyro value meal from Marathon Deli. I’m going to write up a small review of the place, because I think its the most authentic and tastiest establishment in town.

But in the spirit of that yet-to-be-written article, I am going to write my first food review on a chili dog I just finished, from this place:

This is Rich’s Famous Dogs, on the corner of Broadway and Gerard Ave, specifically here:


It is a truck, actually more like a VW Bus, that a guy serves hot dogs out of. Dogs are 1.75, 2.25 if you want cheese or chili. Soda’s are a dollar; chips are half that. I didn’t ask his name, because I figured it was Rich, because he looked like he hasn’t left in a while, but he appeared to be very happy with his business. I don’t blame him, because I was one of 4 customers he served before I left. People were coming into this little league baseball field parking lot, because it was also Rich’s. His hot dogs are truly famous, and they attract people.

If this isn’t America, I dont know what is.

Have a good Monday everyone.


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