Balotelli gets his bottle

Mario Balotelli had quite a weekend, setting fire to his house and being the man to lead Manchester City to their biggest win (and most likely, anyone’s biggest away win) at Old Trafford in a long time. The young firestorm of a striker put in 2, including the only first half goal, a late goal that opened a six goal performance against the Red Devils. The win was a sort of reward for the journey Balotelli has faced in his pro career.

I know Mario Balotelli because he is what we would call an “Inter Baby”, someone who came up through Inter Milan’s academy and onto their pro club. He played like a phenomenal 18 year old until Roberto Mancini was sacked in favor of Portugal, The Man (Jose Mourinho). Mourinho never took a liking to the young Italian international Balotelli, combined with a rocky relationship with Inter fans, Italian Fans, and his own teammates led to a summer transfer to play for Mancini at Manchester City, where he has been welcomed with British arms wide open. The kid has been tearing it up in the Premier League, and I couldnt be happier for him.

Balotelli was an Inter baby in more than one way. He finally got his bottle in Manchester with the Blues, and is having a ton of fun scoring goals and setting off fireworks from his bathroom.


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