The Loss for Words

This is the image Penn State was so concerned to lose


I didn’t want to start writing and blogging about this Penn State business right when it came out, because it was so outrageous that I didn’t want to speak to emotion; I wanted to give this its proper perspective. I just saw Matt Millen break down on TV. That is what this is doing to people.

First off, the whole thing is unprecedented; we’re probably dealing with the worst thing in the world. This is the one thing that you aren’t able to find someone to defend this guy, because anyone you do is sick himself. It is perfectly legal and acceptable to say the words, “raped a boy in a shower” on TV and radio, especially when you are reporting something that happened. People have said it without being censored, but they continue to dance around it. That is the type of action we are talking about. Prisoners kill people like Jerry Sandusky.

This is being considered one of the great college football scandals, but its so much bigger than that. This has nothing to do with the Nittney Lions games on Saturdays, nor did they affect Joe Paterno’s ability to coach. This is an institutional problem, and the President will be fired for all the reasons Miami president Donna Shalala was not. Miami had a problem with their players and coaches, against university will. This Sandusky thing is so big because it was due to the University’s will.

As days pass, more details emerge, and more questions are asked. Today, aside from the backlash of PSU canceling JoePa’s presser, and likely not letting him ever have one again (not like they should care, they’re outta State College too.) Now everybody is questioning why the Grad Assistant didn’t stand up and do something. There are so many reasons that this didn’t get out. Who wants to be the guy to say, HEY! JERRY SANDUSKY IS RAPING YOUNG BOYS ON CAMPUS! Going to JoePa, who’s been at it for 40+ years before you, and saying that can’t be easy, so you say ‘I saw an incident’. JoePa didn’t see it, so he wasn’t going to go to the police and say, “I heard my friend and colleague is raping young boys in the shower. We need to take him down.” It just doesn’t happen, and you wouldn’t do it to your friend and colleague either.

That isn’t the outrageous part though. The tough thing to swallow is the probability that people were covering this up to protect the program, and the school. Penn State is the place you take your parents for a football game on Saturday. It’s a fan friendly, family friendly and student friendly place, so friendly it’s nicknamed Happy Valley. The second most popular guy on the football staff molesting little boys is in stark contrast to this notion. It would make sense that if you, a member of the football or school staff, feel that you are much less significant and far below the program and institution, aren’t going to facilitate the downfall of that image. You keep Happy Valley happy, and nobody is bothered.

Everything is out now, though, and it’s only getting worse. Many more victims will be identified, Joe Paterno will leave Penn State on the worst note possible, and may not even get his chance to tell his side of the story (a book takes a while to write).

I’m glad to see justice being brought, because the greatest injustice of all would have been to find these allegations out after Sandusky was gone and couldn’t pay. I still cant believe any of this is going on.


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