Tebow Time

This is the sight we couldn't see yesterday in Kansas City, even if we tried.

I’m going to spend the majority of this post on the Denver/Kansas City game, because that was the one game we really stuck with on Sunday Ticket yesterday, and that I paid most attention to, until my Vikings play as I write this. Denver played an offensive game like I have never seen before.

If you haven’t heard yet, Tim Tebow only completed two passes (one of them a fantasy football-saving TD to Eric Decker). More amazing than that though, is that he attempted only 8. If you don’t know what that is like, click this link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=COgQEYnwY-8 (The action starts at around 1:20.)

It was interesting, if not surreal to watch a rushing effort like that on Sunday afternoon in 2011, and I had never been so frustrated, just wanting to see the guy drop back into the pocket. This is a big indictment of the progress the league has made not only in recent decades, but in recent years of protecting the QB much more to allow them to throw more, and making the game that much more fun for everyone.

It’s also an indictment of what the Broncos think of Tim Tebow: they want to make it work but they can’t figure out exactly how to do that. His problem appears simple to this guy: his short passes, anything under 13 yards, are thrown toward the ground, at a pretty steady decline. Donovan McNabb also had this problem, and it kept him from managing a two minute drive, which led to his benching in Washington. If you cant move the ball down the field passing 10 yards at a time, you aren’t long for the league.

Unless you have Tebow’s resume. It’s impossible to ignore what the guy has done, and how bad he wants it. He wants it so bad, so much so that it makes him and his players better. So you cant just give up on that guy, as the Broncos haven’t. They have done everything they can to find a way for this guy to succeed (including a spread, option heavy offense), and he has. It just seems like they need to change the gameplan every week, because they feel lucky to have gotten a win with the unconventional style of play. So people will continue to question Tebow and his abilities as his style of play changes by the week.

Maybe this becomes a new way of the NFL: spread offenses relying heavily on QB rushes and the ground game in general. It could certainly work in Carolina with Cam Newton, and more spread style QBs are coming into the NFL as quarterbacks, and will begin to fit into their places. This is less likely to happen, as I’m sure Goodell would intervene before the NFL becomes a rugby league.

This Vikings game is getting out of control, and its time for me to sign off. Until next time, just follow Tebow’s example, and keep running forward.


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