Sandy Alderson, Twitter Phenomenon

"Can you pass me my phone? I thought of a great joke that I need to tweet."

Jeremy Lin is amazing.

With that out of the way, i’d like to talk about Twitter. Now seems like a great time to talk Twitter because three major New York icons are talking Twitter. Sandy Alderson, General Manager of the New York Mets, is now tweeting under the handle @metsgm. Seems pretty average: he’ll just tweet roster moves and team news. We thought that until his first tweet:

BAM! Alderson with the left hook, and Fred Wilpon is woozy! That is one hell of a first salvo in the “Mets are broke and the whole team knows it” war. Sandy pokes at his bosses, and he was just getting started.

WOW! Look at the guy go! Whats he gonna say next!? How long until he’s fired?! The Wilpons cant stand for this! Everything was rampant in NY papers and radio talking about how brash Sandy is, how he will be quieted soon, and how bad this is for the Mets. He then put everybody in check, like a real boss:

So Sandy will be mainly tweeting roster moves, but it looks like he may continue a very refreshing trend he has started: being honest with the fans. For once, a Mets employee is not toeing the company line, and telling me its all going to be okay, when really it isnt. The team, the front office, they all know what we know: the Wilpons are broke, and need to sell the team. They wont, though. So Sandy is doing all he can to make it bearable, and hopefully even better. And he is being honest about it.

A friend and mentor of mine taught me about social media, and one of few universal rules of twitter is to be honest. Honesty and transparency will gain trust with your audience, and will only make delivering news easier because people are not looking for you to lie. Sandy is accomplishing this very well, and I’m glad the man can have a sense of humor in February. If he is joking about the team’s record in June, we may have a problem….but for now, I’ll take it.

On the flip side, New York radio superstar Mike Francesa helped CBS Radio launch a brand new iPhone app called Audio Roadshow. The app is supposed to act as a bridge between the participating show and the audience. It offers show schedules, instant polls, and even a way to record a ten second clip answering a question that the host asks, and get it on air later in the hour. It seems pretty great in practice, and is a very sophisticated way to interact, but the thing is Twitter, rewrapped. All the show had to do was tweet when guests were coming on and get feedback from listeners via Twitter, as many shows (who do not already have a text machine…a device that lists texts about a topic for hosts to read. These have been around a while.) do.

Big Mike, however, would surely not survive on Twitter. He is the most popular host in New York City, mostly because he engages his listeners, and many times, infuriates them with his ignorance, arrogance and excessive pride. He is a boring, frustrating guy to hear, but its easy to keep listening, as many do. I know that if Mike had an unfiltered Twitter timeline, with listeners reacting to his show in real time, he would not be able to broadcast any of them due to obscenity. People like to bash this guy, mainly because it’s very easy. Not only would it be hard to edit and sift through all the tweets, but I’m not sure that Francesa on the FAN could handle the lashing he would take if he actually let listeners connect. So he remains a mystery, and nobody will ever know about his life outside the rhetoric he spits from 1-6 weekdays on WFAN. Opposite of Sandy Alderson, and opposite of Jerry Seinfeld.

Jerry, if you did not know, performed at the Gotham Comedy Club last night, a few hours after tossing this nugget of information onto the Internet:

People started buzzing, including a friend of mine, who made the trip out to the suddenly packed club in Manhattan. After a few acts came and went, Jerry came up, and did some new material. He did not promote the Gotham Comedy Club, sending foolish fans to the club to hope to see him and be disappointed. No, he thought to do something, like go to Gotham and perform, and he told the world. It made for what appeared to be a fantastic night, and he made a few people very happy. Well, Jerry Seinfeld and Twitter both made a few people very happy.

Maybe it’s all about how beloved the person is. I’m sure Michelle Bachmann would be less transparent than Stephen Colbert; people will respond more positively anyway. It’s just fascinating to see the great effect that this website (which remember, it’s just a website) has had on everything, including people who do not use it.


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