Diamond Drama

It is sort of cliche to talk about “October baseball drama” and “playoff storylines” because at the end, they are playing a baseball game, and the 25 players on the team need to collectively pitch, hit and field well in order to win. But boy oh boy, the Yankees sure know how to create a buzz in a city where nobody needs help creating a buzz. Continue reading

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Baseball Madness 2012

The baseball watching public will always have fond memories of the final day of the 2011 season, where within a few minutes, in four separate ballparks, the Red Sox and Braves completely collapsed, and the Tampa Bay Rays and eventual World Series champions St. Louis Cardinals snuck into the playoffs, with some particular drama unfolding in Tampa Bay.

Everyone was so excited about it that baseball owners and Commissioner Selig instituted a second Wild Card berth in the playoffs, in order to keep baseball competitive down the stretch in September, rather than the sight we were all too used to: two teams in a given division, a few games apart, both with playoff berth’s locked up, and no excitement for a few weeks until the tournament started.

Well, it worked: games were meaningful until the final day of the season, culminating in a winner-take-all showdown between the A’s and Rangers with the A’s coming all the way back to win the division and avoid a one-game playoff, a playoff that saw the two-time defending AL Champion Rangers go quietly into the night to the Orioles. Drama achieved. Continue reading

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…Starring Gary Bettman as Macbeth



KHL (that’s Russian) hockey is on ESPN2 right now. This is a revalation to me for many reasons.

Continue reading

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The Fine Line

Good morning/afternoon/evening, it’s good to see you again. I’m sorry I’ve been so absent; I hope we aren’t apart for so long next time.

Anyway, I saw a news story that broke over the course of Sunday/Monday, regarding Kansas City Chiefs QB Matt Cassel and OL Eric Winston. Cassel was injured during the Chiefs 9-6 loss to the Ravens this past week; more specifically concussed. He was woozy on the field, and took a while to get to the sideline. During this episode, as with any injury, players on the field stood/knelt/sat in reverence, knowing very well that it could have been (and could soon be) them in Cassel’s position, and gave the same support that any coworker should offer when someone is injured on the job. This is the one time during sport that everyone settles down, forgets about the result, and just hopes that everyone comes out okay.

Except that didn’t happen. Continue reading

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Did Cole Hamels Just Save Baseball?

I don’t really know the answer to that question, this is just an attempt to figure it out.

I was thinking of writing this post (as well as many others that didn’t make it) but hesitated, until I saw that Hamels has been given a five game suspension, forcing the Phillies to re-work their rotation to give Hamels an extra day of rest. Not a terrible punishment, for something not very terrible: admitting that he threw at Nationals teen phenom Bryce Harper. Some people believe that this is a bad thing. Let me explain the other side of it…. Continue reading

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Sandy Alderson, Twitter Phenomenon

"Can you pass me my phone? I thought of a great joke that I need to tweet."

Jeremy Lin is amazing.

With that out of the way, i’d like to talk about Twitter. Now seems like a great time to talk Twitter because three major New York icons are talking Twitter. Sandy Alderson, General Manager of the New York Mets, is now tweeting under the handle @metsgm. Seems pretty average: he’ll just tweet roster moves and team news. We thought that until his first tweet:

Continue reading

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What Jeremy Lin Can Teach Everybody

MSG has been on its feet for Jeremy Lin

Jeremy Lin has become the biggest thing to happen to the NBA in a very long time. Continue reading

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